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    Non conformist, stand out from the crowd, flamboyant and brave

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    Where fine art meets design and captures the imagination with intricate details, and hidden imagery

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    A unique and personal approach to design, with every pattern an exploration into the beauty of the unusual

    Bespoke Fabrics

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    Innovative, proudly designed and made in Great Britain

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    Connecting tradition with contemporary notions of pattern and style

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At Michael Angove Design we specialise in high impact imagery for products, textiles, interiors and illustration. We combine our love for unusual botanicals, fine art, fashion and photography to create brave and memorable artwork.

Perfectly created

Reflecting an evolving aesthetic in his work, his latest collections feature earth, soil, fire, crystals and water; portraying the more elemental and forceful aspects of Mother Nature resulting in vibrant and dramatic designs.

His patterns have a detailed sharpness and depth of colour, with an eye-catching distinction rarely seen from his contemporaries. Each piece takes you on a journey, an adventure that bursts with life and exuberance.

Distinctly bespoke

Often inspired by the natural world, and characteristically bold, Michael’s designs can transform a room, piece of furniture or garment to provide a unique and powerful statement. Whether as upholstery fabric, or as a mural on a feature wall, his work never fails to make an impact.

Exploding with colour and vibrancy, the exquisite detail in Michael’s designs is juxtaposed with the epic quality of his work, which brings an element of drama to furniture, fashion and interiors.

Meticulously detailed

Michael has developed an innovative technique of scanning flowers, foliage and insects and transferring the images on to various substrates including paper and fabric.

His work embodies his fascination of flora and fauna and the complexities of the natural world; not just the beauty of flowers but the insects and bugs as well – the dark side.