Jo Malone London

We have a long-standing friendship with Jo Malone London and have been asked to design for all of their colognes. This special friendship has pushed us to design compositions outside of our comfort zone and we are better for that. These digital chinoiseries include incense, amber, copal, tea, smoke, oil, ash and wood, not to mention cucumber, vetiver root, tonka bean and honey. Every design has hidden insects ranging from scorpions and moths to frogs and lizards.

We are very proud to be associated with the highly successful British perfume house that have used the latest designs in store for their iconic soap range; now these luxury products have become colourful additions to the minimal and pared down shop interiors.

Aside from packaging, every chinoiserie has been animated for the new interactive bays that are being introduced in the stores of various countries.

Interactive Display

At some of the major stores across the world new, digital, interactive display cabinets have been installed. These displays burst into life when a cologne is removed from the crystal shelf.

Our designs have been animated by Perch Interactive NY. The illustrations burst into life. Twigs and branches unfold and multiply on screen then leaves, flowers and petals fill the screen with colour. Perch has animated our illustrations so that individual fruits or petals fall to the ground whilst butterflies and insects decorate the gently swaying finished composition.

It is a great way to introduce customers to the ingredients of the scent and how they can be combined to create entirely new scents.

Limited Edition Home Range

In 2014 Michael was asked to create two bespoke wallpaper designs for the British perfume house with which to wrap their home products in. The designs are approached from the point of view of the scent, so space and density is really important.

Blackberry & Bay and Orange Blossom are JML fragrances made visible through Michael’s attention to detail and special techniques to reflect the freshness and unexpected ingredients of so many JML products.

The home products include Jo Malone London’s candle, room diffuser, scent sachet and soap. Each product has a hidden insect for you to find.  Michael maintained the attention to detail by hiding an insect on each one in a different location. You might think you spotted all of them but we guarantee you will have missed at least one on the back of the Blackberry & Bay soap.

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