Surface View

The state of the art website of Surface View is a clear indication that this British Company takes its interior design very seriously. Bold interior, statement prints across a broad range of home accessories is their forte, which can be seen in many boutique hotels and discerning interior schemes.

Top quality resolution graphics are printed onto various surfaces at scales of your choice, making it the perfect ‘go to’ for interior designers and architects.

Our patterns have been printed to spectacular effect with Surface View, not only as accent wall murals or decals but a whole feast of other interior products.

Ceramic tiles are printed to perfection and make ravishing bathroom spaces that give the impression of being in a garden or a forest depending on the design.

Lampshades at various sizes in excellent quality make delicious accents.

Window blinds scroll down to reveal colourful and dramatic patterns that can change the ambience of a room.

There are also window membranes, poster art, vinyl, printed panelling and Formica as options.

The incredible website allows you to select a design, crop it as you see fit. Then, the website can visualise your crop as the product in a selection of interiors. Very clever and very easy to use.

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