Jamida of Sweden

Joakim Sohlberg is the director of Jamida, based in Sweden. This wholesale company produces beautiful homewares that are robust and often hand-finished. Jamida connects product with artists and designers who create incredible artworks. We have worked on license with Joakim for nearly 10 years, creating dining and kitchenware as well as fashion accessories and home furnishings.

It has been a terrific working relationship where we have been able, to connect our designs with a broader market. Making designs accessible to consumers in different markets is important to us.

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More about the products

Jamida’s pure Birch wood, laminate trays, in combination with our patterns, have sold successfully across the world. They are available in various sizes, shapes and colourways. They are robust, dishwasher friendly and are sourced from certified locations.

The humble tray can be used in various ways, not only for eating but also for a children’s play desk, laptops, splashbacks and wall art.

Aside from trays there are cushions, tea towels, table linens, ceramics, accessories and place mats.