Highgrove Special Designs

Michael is especially inspired by plants and landscapes, in particular, planting situations that have something a little more unusual about them. The Highgrove Estate is owned by HRH The Prince of Wales, who’s incredible gardens include a Thyme walk, a wild meadow and various themed sections. There is a stumpery with large, eerie tree roots covered in mosses, lichens and ferns. This was the starting point for a range of special products for the Highgrove shop.

‘Viola’ is a combination of fern types, tiny mauve violas, dark wood texture and chalk blue butterflies. It was constructed into a range of sustainable Birch wood laminate trays for Highgrove.

During Michael’s visit to Highgrove he saw an owl’s feather on the path next to the wild meadow garden. This was the inspiration for the second design called ‘Plume’. The tromp l’oeil, pencil drawings of perfectly laid out feathers are from a Jay, a Lady Amherst Pheasant, a Barn Owl and a Harris Hawk.