Agent Provocateur Bespoke Wallpaper

All Agent Provocateur stores worldwide have used our wallpaper in a special colour way to enhance the in store experience and to gain parity.

Our chinoiserie called ‘Fir’ is a fir tree crossed with a purple Berberis thorn in the form of an entwined helix. It is brimming with lichens, Geckos, Preying mantis, stick insects and cobwebs.

We changed the colours of the insects and background to fade into the approved Agent Provocateur ‘Nude’, which is a very soft and warm pale pink. This gave the design a deep rich colouration which along with its chimera of insects, works with the rock and roll DNA of the Agent Provocateur brand.

Pont Street, Knightsbridge

For a perfectly luxurious VIP room, Michael was asked to paint a bespoke, Japanese inspired panorama in Agent Provocateur’s original store in Knightsbridge. The VIP fitting room was hand painted in the specific colour palette of black, gold, nude, magenta and soft grey, which matches the AP identity perfectly.

Using Japanese brushes of various types, Michael painted exquisite Bonsai Trees, weeping blossom, ghostly Bamboo and various plants using Farrow & Ball paint. He hand-painted gold butterflies, paired off Swallows and two regal Storks in nude, grey and gold.

With the use of excellent lighting, antique mirror and luxuriously dyed soft furnishings, the space became mysterious and intimate.

As standard, Michael finished the 360 degree interior mural with a hidden element, a crayfish on request, tucked behind the furniture.

Complex patterns are richly layered with every aspect of plant life, from summer dust and pollen to broken stems and billowing flower heads.