NEW – Artisans of Devizes – Living Wall Collection

Internationally renowned stone and tile supplier Artisans of Devizes, has recently pinned down a technique that allows fine ceramic tiles to be decoratively printed. The process culminates in the printed tiles being fired twice making them robust in performance and standard. All of the tiles are hand finished.

Once they conquered the technique, they sought me out, (how flattering!) and asked if I would put a collection of designs together for them. I set to work immediately on editing and recomposing some of my most beautiful and successful designs into tile appropriate arrangements. The result is the ‘Living Wall’ collection of 6 botanical designs.

Pomegranate, Bluebell, Dill, Jungle, Tuscan Fruit and Blackberry are each mixed with colourful watercolour splashes in the background. The added colour brings energy and life to the floral arrangements. The designs are rich, meandering botanicals capturing the wild nature and habit of the plant.

Each design perfectly repeats across 9 tiles to form a wall or border of exciting botanicals. Some of the designs have little tiny beetles and butterflies. There is one with a lizard.

Jungle, Tuscany and Pomegranate are inspired by distant countries and are a richer palette of juniper greens, sunny yellows and plummy reds. The dusky yet jewel-like colours look fantastic as a glazed tile.

Dill, Bluebells and Blackberry are a much more British range of designs based on our countryside and gardens. Dill is light and frothy, while Bluebells and Blackberry are fun and lighthearted whilst remaining sophisticated. They evoke childhood memories of blackberry picking and bluebell walks.

All the plants and flowers were taken from real plants that I either had in the garden or arranged to be delivered.

When repeated across the wall, they do indeed become a ‘Living Wall’ or vertical garden. It makes a fantastic backdrop for showers, where you feel transported to paradise. Or kitchen splash backs for a new sense of depth and nature. In either situation they have been designed to transport you into the natural landscape.

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‘Tuscan Fruit’ features Limes and Mandarins against citrus leaves and soft yellow washes. Reminiscent of citrus groves in Italy.

‘Pomegranates’ pull the branches down into arches as they ripen, forming a exquisite arching branches of pure sumptuousness.

‘Jungle’ shown here, illustrates the tile’s gloss finish.

Juicy clusters of ‘Blackberries’ entice smiles and memories.

Buy or see the range here.