New Kitchenware Designs – Jamida

This September I am thrilled to release three new designs available as trays, and some at placemats with Jamida of Sweden.

‘Seafood’ Celebration

I grew up on the coast where seafood is easy to come by and is delicious! This design captures rock pools oysters, langoustines, red crab, scallops and shellfish.
On this occasion, I chose to draw these beautiful creatures with brightly coloured ink, using a pipette. The colours ran into each other while I made the drawings, bringing a great sense of celebration and energy. I love creating loose drawings, especially with some fantastic, bright colours such as orange, magenta and turqoise.
I tempered the vivid colour with my signature background colours of Navy, Pale blue and White.

See the range here.

Dill ‘Whitewood’.

The highly successful Dill range in black and natural, has the new addition of Whitewood. The original dark butterflies have been changed to  delicate small blues dancing across the Dill and ferns.
The new background is a white wood texture, allowing the delicate plants with their intricate ferns and lacy flower heads to shine through. It is a new fresh and clean addition that everyone will love.
Available in a variety of tray shapes and placemats.

See the range here.

Dill ‘Watercolour’.

Another, new addition to the Dill range is ‘Watercolour’, where splashes of leaf green bring a flash of lively energy.

See the range here.

Household friendly and no plastic

It doesn’t matter if you have a kitchen by Poppenheimer or Ikea, these trays and placemats are designed to reflect your character and bring a splash of colour, soul and positive energy to your home.
The trays are made from sustainably sourced and certified birch wood plain not plastic.
All the trays are finished by hand. They are dishwasher safe and will last for years.
The placemats are cork backed and come in two sizes. They are made in the UK from Eucalyptus board and are heat resistant up to 160°C (320°F). They have a gloss finish with a protective coating.

Buy Wholesale

Wholesale orders are easy to make direct from the Jamida of Sweden website. HERE