New Designs – Window Film Edit

To celebrate the launch of 20 brand new designs I have with UK company, Surface View, I’ve selected several to be visualised as window films in various, impactful settings.  This substrate, available with Surface View, shows how exciting window films can be for architects, interior designers and consumers.

Window films are simple to apply to glass surfaces. The material is very long lasting and the high quality film is easy to install and removes without damage to the surface.. The result has wow factor, changing the glass into a translucent pattern that you can glimpse through to the other side, just like looking through trees or flowers.

Creating Privacy and Wellbeing.

Creating privacy and intimacy through pattern is becoming an important part of the interior. As we move into a new era of maximalism, architecture and interiors are investigating new notions of texture, atmosphere and activity. Where once minimalism offered a ‘get out of jail free’ card, the industry is beginning to realise the end user, or consumer wants colour, layers of texture and above all, fun and happiness.

Printed window films are a simple way to oppress the stark reality of minimalism, especially in the work place, where new focus is on wellbeing, amenities and comfort. Employee productivity and satisfaction is increased when investment into office design is made so why not invest in pattern?
The right pattern can transform harsh environments into living walls, forests and gardens, bringing the outside inside. My new designs energise with natural colour, layers of interest and enjoyment into the work space.

The New Designs.

20 complex and discerning botanicals have been painstakingly assembled from scans and photographs of plants from my garden, here in Wiltshire. The plants I use have provenance; there is a story to every design. Every pattern has hidden beetles and butterflies, this gives the designs a layer of interaction and a longer lasting appeal. See all the designs here: Surface View.

Be under no illusion, these designs are not mere photographs or surface patterns, they are works of art.

Many days, and in some cases weeks, of digital craftsmanship has gone into building these designs. So each work outlines the astonishing fantasy of flora and fauna. The new collection focusses on a broad range of flowers including a filigree of bright blue British Bluebells from my local woodland, or the refreshing zest of the mediterranean orchard with ‘Calypso’. There are Peonies from my garden, and hedgerow plants from my immediate countryside. In conclusion, there is a design here for every occasion. Click here to watch the video about how I work.

Any Size Possible.

Window films can be ordered for home decorating projects as well as very large bespoke projects for architects and interior designers.

My range of designs are ready to order from the Surface View website now. Simply choose your favourite design, put in the dimensions of your glass, then press send. It’s very straight forward.

The Surface View team is there to help you for larger orders and bespoke projects as well as enquiries. They have experience in very large projects where entire glass buildings have been wrapped in film.

Alissa Sequeira is on hand to help you out with enquiries and information:

How to Use Window Film – The Visualisations.

This visualisation uses my ‘Meadow’ design to breath new life into a cold glass elevator box.
How exciting to arrive at street level in a city, to a panoramic field of poppies, grasses and butterflies.

Using my bright green ‘Lime Tree’ design, window film can dramatically change stark office spaces into lush outside spaces.
The space becomes more private whilst still being open and airy. This pattern invigorates the work space with positive, healthy energy.
Partitions have been designed and realized by Zi Creative. ~ Thank you.

The new ‘Bluebells’ design that is now available, looks perfect in this spa environmant. Everyone finds a bluebell carpet irresistible.
This pattern is a fresh, clean and bright design filling your face with joy, whilst fitting in with the calm of the spa.
Original Image curtesy of MSL Interiors ~ Thank you.

1000’s of tiny Box leaves in glossy green have been arranged to make the ‘Topiary design’.
This entrance is antiseptic and dry, but with the addition of the Topiary design its becomes, grand and inspiring.
Any size window or glass can be fitted with window film.

‘Calyspo’ is a fun and fruity pattern in happy colours of yellows and pinks, completely on trend.
With this design I wanted it to feel like that moment you peel open a fruit and juice sprays out. I imagine the droplets of juice to look like diamonds falling in slow motion. It is hard to see but the reflections in the droplets are of my garden.
Original Image curtesy of Room Stone ~ Thank you.

Meeting rooms are important spaces where serious conversations take place. ‘Ambergris’ is a finely crafted design.
The pattern has a golden sophistication. I have used boulders of natural amber dripping in essence, balancing against each other, with smokey wisps of incense through the onyx background. The result is rich, dark and elegant.

Dont forget, these window films are translucent. They make excellent night time displays.
Shown here is ‘Mimosa’. This design took an incredible 8 weeks to build. Every yellow pompom was meticulously cut out, as were the fern leaves. Moths drink from the nectar of the Mimosa as all around explodes with cardamom pods and falling leaflets. Like in reality, there is something unexpected – can you find the yellow ladybird?
Original Image curtesy of Jocelyn Low Photographer  & Frost Architects ~ Thank you.