New Patterns ~ Printed Plywood Edit

To celebrate the launch of 20 brand new designs with UK company, Surface View, I have selected 8 to be illustrated as printed plywood, an option now available for interior designers and architects.

Plywood is a high functioning building material that never goes out of fashion. But its timeless and honest quality is about to go to an altogether new level of interest with the introduction of print.

Minimal Becomes Maximal.

The stability, resistance, strength and durability of plywood, makes it a firm favourite of designers and architects, yet without loosing these aspects it is now possible to digitally print plywood sheet.

Printing changes the character of the substrate, and whilst it is possible to minimally alter the surface my new designs unapologetically stand to attention.

Most importantly, the printing process does not hide the grain of the wood. It is visible through the print, which remains transparent.  When holding it and moving it in your hand it continues to maintain its three dimensional quality and surface texture.

As a result, I’m not going to shy away from saying the outcome is about pattern, excitement, character and colour. So, this is a new option for designers, who understand plywood and its habit but seek a new and exciting finish.

The New Designs.

20 complex and vibrant botanicals have been painstakingly assembled from scans and photographs of plants from my garden, here in Wiltshire. See all the designs here: Surface View.

Be under no illusion, these designs are not mere photographs or surface patterns, they are works of art.

Many days, and in some cases weeks, of digital craftsmanship has gone into building these designs. So each work outlines the astonishing fantasy of flora and fauna. The new collection focusses on a broad range of flowers including an homage to Wales by way of ‘Welsh daffodils’, or the rich Mediterranean coastline with ‘Mimosa’. There are Peonies from my garden here in Wiltshire, and Sage with driftwood for the diverse British coastline. In conclusion, there is a design here for every occasion. Click here to watch the video about how I work.

Product Details.

Plywood thickness can be 6mm all the way up to 18mm.
Maximum sheet size is 1220mm x 2440mm.

Your chosen image is printed directly onto the birch plywood, which comes from sustainable sources and has a light tone and beautiful grain.
Each image features a crisp satin lacquer, giving additional colour intensity and protection.

The prints retain the character of the original image. S Grade plywood (which is extremely good quality)

This is a custom product. Enquiries should go direct to Alissa Sequeira whose email is:

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Printed Plywood Visualisations

‘WELSH DAFFODIL ~ ANTHRACITE’ visualised as printed plywood kitchen.
This design is a panoramic explosion of electric yellow Daffodils and pale Narcissi set against Leek green or Anthracite black. It fizzes with bees, birds and butterflies. Between the jungle green stems and leaves, are earth and coal gravels as well as fine dustings of flower pollen.
Original kitchen design by SIMON ASTRIDGE. Original Photograph by NICHOLAS WORLEY. ~ Thank you

‘AVALON ROSE’ visualised as printed plywood furniture.
‘Avalon Rose’ at first glance is a classic English rose with falling scarlet petals but within the design, dark red thorns make the design a lot more interesting than pretty flowers. Ladybirds and other insects are hidden in the design.
Original photograph and furniture by JASPER MORRISON LTD. ~ Thank you

‘HONEY BLOSSOM’ visualised as printed plywood wall.
‘Honey Blossom’ is a cascade of a thousand blossoms. In the background, amongst the buzzing honey bees, are honeycombs with giant drops of golden honey falling through the branches.
Original photograph unknown. If you are the owner of the original photograph please contact me directly.

‘PEONY CRUSH’ visualised as printed plywood staircase.
This design is based purely on the peonies in my garden.  They are bright pink, pale blush and raspberry ripple: there are so many shades of pink in this design. Just like in my garden I have nestled, chirping Gold finches between the flower heads with drifting feathers here and there.
Original staircase design by GRUFF LIMITED. Original Photograph by EMMA CARTER. ~ Thank you

‘JASMIN DRIFT’ visualised as printed plywood panelling.
‘Jasmin Drift’ is a rambling, spiralling Jasmin with spearmint herb laced into the background. Hidden in the frothy Jasmin flowers are pure white Plume moths.
With thanks to HOPEWELL BREWING CO., Chicago. ~ Thank you

‘BLACKBERRIES’ visualised as printed plywood furniture.
‘Blackberries’  is a climbing Bramble laden with fruit that are lush and juicy. Amongst the surprisingly colourful leaves, are various butterflies, praying mantis and a gecko.
Original furniture design by PER JANSSON. ~ Thank you

‘BEACH SAGE’ visualised as printed plywood kitchen.
‘Beach Sage’ is exfoliated bark with chocolate markings. These tumble through Wood Sage and garden Sage. Blades of grass from sand dunes, as well as dragon flies keep the design watery. Finally, handfuls of salt crystals against a sky blue bring the outdoors atmosphere.
Original kitchen design by CUSTOM FRONTS. Original Photograph by SARAH WEAL. ~ Thank you

‘FLOWER EXPLOSION’ visualised as printed plywood cubbyhole.
‘Flower Explosion’ is a fun, garden party of textures and colour. English and French Lavender is crossed with fresh Basil and a citrus tree covered in jewel-like mandarins.
Original interior design by GŁOGOWSCY ARCHITEKTURA. ~ Thank you

See the entire Michael Angove range here Surface View
Enquiries should go direct to Alissa Sequeira whose email is: