'Welsh Daffodils' **Launch**

Happy Saint David's day! The patron saint of WALES!

It is, of course, a day to wear the national emblem of Wales that is the Daffodil or the Leek. So, I am thrilled to announce the first product designed as a direct response to the Project Wales movement.

'Welsh Daffodils' designed by myself, Michael Angove, is an interior design product, exclusively available with Surface View.

This design, manufactured in the UK, is a panoramic explosion of electric yellow Daffodils and pale Narcissi set against Leek green or Anthracite black. It fizzes with bees, birds and butterflies. Between the jungle green stems and leaves, are earth and coal gravels as well as fine dustings of flower pollen.

'Welsh Daffodils' trumpets the happiness of Spring, it's promise, the longer sunny days and nature's explosion out of the ground. Transformative yellows are invigorating and sharp. It is life.

Every scan of the Daffodils, buds, stems and leaves were meticulously cut out and placed to build a grand yet informal arrangement.

'As a child, I would go out and pick flowers.
Rather than make a design that is either a bouquet or scenic, this is about the moment I would lay out my flowery hoard onto the kitchen table. There would still be earth on the stems, ripe tumbling pollen and, of course, the odd surreptitious insect, that has become my trade mark.'

Using 'Welsh Daffodils'

Surface View is an incredible resource for interior designers and the general public. Your chosen design is available in various stylish products including murals, window blinds & membranes, ply panels, Formica, lampshades and even ceramic tiles for kitchen or bathroom.

Vitally, this company has a superior, hard-wearing quality that cannot be matched. I have ordered many products and all have been exemplary and easy to install.

Use this design to bring Wales into your home. It is in high definition and doesn't loose resolution when printed large or maxi. I am a believer in bravery and this design looks fantastic when used in large amounts. The surface View website will guide you through the various products once you have selected your design.

Website: SURFACE VIEW – WELSH DAFFODILS in anthracite

Cardiff Café Culture

Recently I took a trip into Cardiff, the bustling capital city of Wales, to have a business meeting, I also took the opportunity to do a bit of reconnaissance. I went to several larger, successful cafés in the arcades and around town.

Whilst they all had good interiors, channeling current 'hipster-esque' notions of interior design, they were clones of one another. The look was a homogenized idea of a quality café.

More pertinent was the lack of Welsh soul. Any of those cafes could have been in Norwich, Peterborough or Southampton.

Clever but simple uses of colour, texture and form can come together to be super stylish whilst being more Welsh. My recent and future blogs under the title of 'Project Wales'  will continue to act as a resource on making Project Wales happen.



NEW ~ WELSH DAFFODILS in anthracite.
NEW ~ WELSH DAFFODILS in anthracite.
NEW ~ WELSH DAFFODILS in anthracite.