New Tray and Placemat Designs.

Being original in design and creating something new and exciting can be difficult, especially if you are chasing these particular traits. When creating new designs, I try to listen to my soul, and the result has been two new patterns that are now available for wholesale orders.

New trays and placemats available wholesale from Jamida of Sweden. HERE

Flower Pop.

Say ‘hello’ to happiness, to joy, to colour and to being a child again. ‘Flower Pop’ is a reaction to being a grown up and all the seriousness that entails. I’m a child at heart and sometimes, the trapping of normality make me take life far too seriously. So, on a sunny day in July, I blew some rainbow bubbles into the summer sky. I watched them drift through the garden then pop and vanish. The children in the next garden squealed when they saw them through the trees.
Blowing bubbles is much easier then photographing them, especially if you are doing both. But I got some good pictures that could be used.
The white flower is a Clematis. What I love about using Clematis is that it has terrific movement in its stems, and its complex structure is full of life.
The composition is that of a spring wreath. Did you know that wreaths symbolise eternity? I also took inspiration from daisy chains and flower crowns, like those worn by brides.
The colour in the background is soft, milky jade fading to a center of blush pink.

See the range here.

Bluebell Amethyst.

Celebrate life, respect our world and love nature. ‘Bluebell Amethyst’ is part forest and part crystal cave. Imagine the beginning of nature, like a fountain coming out of the ground, but the fountain is made from amethyst crystals in purple and pink. There are swaying bluebells in ultraviolet and a rare white bluebell makes an appearance. Stems of lime green with fragments of earth are set against vivid green ferns.
The end result is a bold explosion of colour set against blue and white. It’s the birth of nature. A single bumble bee pollinates the bells.

See the range here.

Easy to use.

It doesn’t matter if you have a kitchen by Poppenheimer or Ikea, these trays and placemats are designed to reflect your character and bring a spot of colour, soul and positive energy to your home.
The three tray sizes are made from sustainably sourced birch wood. This is certified. It is also the signature of a best quality tray. They are fully dishwasher safe and will last for years. All the trays are finished by hand.
The placemats are cork backed and come in two sizes. They are made in the UK from Eucalyptus board and are heat resistant up to 160°C (320°F). They have a gloss finish with a protective melamine coating

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Wholesale orders are easy to make direct from the Jamida of Sweden website. HERE