New collaboration between Michael Angove and Jo Malone London 2017

I am delighted to announce the launch of a new collaboration between myself and Jo Malone London. It has been a long time in the making but I can finally reveal part of the ‘Michael’s Secret Project’ hashtag…

I have built several bespoke chinoiseries for JML that are to permanently wrap their iconic soap range.

Red Roses

One of the first designs I put together is built from several types of scarlet rose, some with a white center or white reverse.  The scarlet is striking against bright green leaves, blood red stems and sharp thorns. I want to give the impression that at first glance the design is cute and pretty but there is an element of ‘rock & roll’ with the ultra-sharp thorns, just like the ingredients in the scent, there is always something unexpected. Tumbling petals against a clean pink ground is about evoking the fullness of the scent and how it radiates.  Ladybirds, Brimstone Butterflies and a jade green beetle hide within the design.


Pomegranate Noir

This design is one I fantasised about completing before the project was contracted.  Immediately the scent invokes the warm, midnight garden.  I am transported to the garden through the scent and have a vision of holding a candle up to a Pomegranate tree and seeing a host of jewel-like fruit. Deep orange, burgundy, wine and chocolate colours give the design a warm and rich ambience. The arching branches are home to exotic insects including shield bugs, tiger-stripe butterflies and black scorpions.


English Pear & Freesia

This is a clean design using pale cream, white lime and opal to imagine the sweet clarity of English Pear & Freesia. The Pear tree I sourced has a fantastic gnarled stem almost lilac in colour. Interestingly the pear tree’s leaves are also pear shaped. There is heritage fruit in the design next to the fresh blossom of white freesia with yellow throats, pointing upwards to the sun.  White butterflies with green markings play inside the design. I want this design to feel like a mid-morning summers day.


Blackberry & Bay

This design is from the limited home collection I built in 2014. It is a twining and scrambling bramble bush full of shiny blackberries. There are swathes of Bay leaves growing between the colourful blackberries. There is a lizard with tortoise-shell butterflies living in the design.


Lime, Basil & Mandarin

A complex design that took many weeks to complete. The lime’s leaves are where I started. They are a rich waxy dark green on the front and lime green on the reverse, all growing from a stem covered in well hidden and ferocious thorns that hurt!.  I love the play of the large green lime fruits against the happy little orange mandarins that bubble up through the composition.  I want this design to look like the plants are crushed up against a greenhouse window as they slowly take over.
The basil in this design has bolted and blossomed with spikes of white, orchid-like flowers. Soft, creamy orange in the base colour is like the Wiltshire evening sunlight. Throughout the design there are green beetles and miniature stick insects.


Each of the soap wraps have been individually edited so that every soap has a little bug to find. While some are quite easy to find, some or impossibly difficult, especially on the English Pear and Freesia wrap, where there is a caterpillar in cognito.

To buy the soaps click here