New ‘Menagerie’ Collection 2017

It has been an incredibly busy year for me here in my studio in Wiltshire. Even with a very large commercial project happening I have managed to put together a new design collection called ‘Menagerie’. This design was inspired by my recent travels across Scandinavia, inspired by historical furniture in Copenhagen, wood veneers and the royal Palaces in Sweden and museums in Helsinki.



The designs are hand drawn from real objects and include butterflies and moths arranged in a geometic composition next to mysterious keys I found on my travels. Dotted throughout the design are little 7-spot and 2-spot ladybirds. All of my designs have a hidden element or story, this design has a twist of thread on one of the keys indicating a memory or was it worn as a charm? In the background is the texture of Eucalyptus veneer.



Menagerie, is on a series of laminates manufactured on the beautiful and mysterious island of Öland in Sweden, these trays and chopping boards are perfectly finished, dishwasher safe and made from sustainable and certified Birch wood. The reverse of all the new trays have what is collectively known as a ‘loveliness of ladybirds’.

The design is perfect for farm house or contemporary kitchens and can be matched with wooden textures or clean flat colours. They are a great idea for practical yet decorative home gifts.

The brand new collection is exclusively presented at Top Drawer London, January 15-17, 2017 with my Swedish agent Jamida. See the full wholesale range here: